Why You Should Opt For Rattan Garden Furniture

Your garden is a functional space outside your home. You can host parties in it or just chill out with an afternoon drink, tea, or cola. Your garden can surely give you a unique, relaxing, and thrilling experience whenever you want to. Nothing beats a relaxing weekend after a week’s work. Having the right furniture set can heighten these events and will surely make your experience more valuable. Nature has provided the human race the materials to make this possible. In stores today, you will find classic and contemporary garden furniture designs made of wood and other materials. Popular Material Used: Rattan has made its mark in the garden furniture industry. With the wicker technique, rattan garden furniture is made durable and pliable. In the garden furniture industry, it is very important that materials are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and add aesthetic value to the garden.

Rattan has these two values. Not only that it will give your garden a unique aesthetic look, you are also assured that it will last for years. This material is found in tropical regions, and it is popularly grown in the southern part of India. India has seen the value of rattan. Manufacturers are using rattan for wickerwork to produce a durable product that can be sold internationally. However, with modern technology, synthetic rattan garden furniture is not also available in the market. This material is also durable. You, your family and your friends will surely enjoy your garden and the rattan furniture without worrying about natural exposure.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Compared to other garden furniture material, synthetic rattan garden furniture is more affordable. It is also lightweight, and will blend into your garden easily because of its natural and organic look. Synthetic rattan garden furniture has the look and feel of natural rattan furniture. What makes synthetic rattan different from the natural rattan is that it is rot free. This is the reason why more and more buyers are opting for synthetic rattan garden furniture. Teak has been the forerunner in the garden furniture industry in the past. However, rattan garden furniture is catching up. Teak garden furniture is more expensive than other types of garden furniture out there. If you want a cheap alternative that can give you the same durability and flexibility that teak garden furniture offers, you can opt for rattan. Surely, your local furniture store can give you a wide range of rattan furniture. If you can’t find it on your local store, you can always resort to the power of the internet. We have a wide a range of wooden garden furniture that will suit your preference.…

5 Country Garden Furniture Ideas

Planning the furniture to be used for your garden surely is a fun job to do. If you want to go for the country theme for your garden furniture, this article will provide you with some tips.


Choosing a country theme for your garden furniture surely looks cozy enough for the outdoor environment. It really fits the setting and you will surely have a great time hanging out in there.


To help you out, we have provided some of the best country garden furniture that you can use for your outdoors. Check this out:


Rose-Covered Gazebo – Enjoying your cup of tea in this furniture will make the moment more gloriously elegant and will be perfect for every secluded writer out there. It can also be a setting ideal for couples to spend since it plays a certain dynamics in an Edwardian society.


Wooden Bench Swing – If you want to enjoy the wind while reading your favorite book then a wooden bench swing is the best furniture to go. You will surely enjoy a bench swing hanging from a tree since it will provide you with a great shade as well. With this furniture on your garden setting, there’s no reason why you don’t want to relax on the outdoors ever again.


Wagon Wheel Mini Bench – This rustic mini bench with a wagon wheel will make you feel that you’re in a different timeline. It is also what’s considered to be a great place to sit rather than on a bunkhouse deck. It comes with a solid wood and brown stained finish plus you can guarantee that it won’t rock back and forth.


Victorian Cast Iron Loveseat, Chair & Table – Durability and elegance is built unto this beautiful cast iron loveseat, chair, and table. Each piece in this entire set is detailed with grape vines and flowers that are clinging on the back and arms while a scroll ornament is clearly visible on the seat and legs. The enamel finish on this furniture makes it perfect to be placed outdoors and will surely protect it from the harsh outdoor environment.



Grill Gazebo – Another way that you can enjoy the great outdoors is by having a barbecue grill put in there. A grill gazebo is something that anyone will love because it will allow them to enjoy grilled foods and they can easily do it at their own home. There’s no point cooking your foods indoors while you are hanging outside and it’s all thanks to the support that this grill can provide. Also, the gazebo provides a nice touch to this one because you will no longer have to endure the heat of the sun while grilling your foods.  It functions as 2-in-1 furniture so there’s no reason why you won’t add this up to your country-themed garden.


The furniture above is the basic that you should consider if you plan to have a country-theme for your garden. If you must, add more of it to complete your overall setup and feel like you’re in a country setting the next time you are hanging out on the outdoors.…